Meet our incredible team working to help your business grow

Providing over the top support for thousands of users and businesses.

Gather was founded in 2014 by Diane Davis and is featured in the hit show Silicon Valley. The company joined Traject, a marketing technology suite with 7 brands, in 2020. Traject represents agencies with a focus on helping them track their efforts and deliver value to their clients. Gather supports hundreds of thousands of users across the globe with easy-to-use features and integrations with other leading platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

4.2 million

Users track their products daily


A team of experienced professionals for 7 years


Employees and contractors from all around the world


The amount of countries where our platform is utilized

Meet our family

Diane Davis
CEO and CO Founder
Jonas Delonge
Vice President
Samantha Ruby
Director of Marketing
Sr Creative Designer
Lizy Renata
Sr Software Engineer
Ben Washington
Sr Front End Engineer
Jimmy Neoury
Account Executive
Anthony Velich
Account Executive
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